Our Beverage Director, Elliot Faber, was named Asia’s leading expert on Japanese spirits, but his palette extends far beyond alcoholic beverages. Some might say he’s Sunday’s Grocery’s leading expert on all things snacks. Here Faber tastes Nestlé Japan’s newest KitKat release – Japanese Sake flavor.


The Sunday’s Grocery team is infatuated with sake – so much so that we have our own private label and our Beverage Director just wrote a book about it! So, when we heard that the kingpin of KitKats (read: Japan) released a Nihonshu flavor, we had to get our hands on it.


Japanese Sake Flavor

Style: Starts as a Junmai Nigori (earthy, rich, and heavy); Finishes as a Junmai Daiginjo (elegant and floral)

Nose: Kasu (sake lees), Playdough, White Chocolate

Palate: Sakura (cherry blossom),  Amazake (sweet, low or non-alcoholic Japanese drink made from fermented rice ), Mascarpone Cheese

Finish: White Flowers (lilies), Icing Sugar, Shiro-an Daifuku

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