Last weekend, the restaurant festival Taste, stopped by for their first time in Asia. The festival has taken place in London, Paris and Sydney and brings together top chefs and restaurants all to be enjoyed in one place.taste-of-hong-kong-3


Chefs and restaurants came together with their signature dishes and we had a great time with our neighboring tents of Amber, Chino, Serge et le Phoque, Cafe Gray Deluxe, Aberdeen Street Social and even an appearance of Duck and Waffle from London.





The Sunday’s Grocery tent was a sake bar, complete with six unique styles of sake including sake on tap and warm sake. Our Beverage Director Elliot Faber poured sake and knowledge in his master classes, teaching the history of the sake breweries present. Miki San, the producer of Sunday’s sake, entertained with the key keg of fresh, unpasteurized sake.





Chef Matt manned the Yardbird tent, cooking up RONIN‘s flower crab, uni, mitsuba and uni, panko, nori. Yardbird classics like the sweet corn tempura, Korean fried cauliflower and katsu sando poured out of the pass.


It was a cold and foggy weekend but shout out to all our customers who came by to eat and drink with us. Taste was one for the books.

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