Welcome to Sunday’s Sounds – the home of our favorite music to listen to on a Sunday afternoon (or any day of the week for that matter). Whether you’re out and about with friends, at home recovering from a heavy weekend, or stuck at your desk finishing work, these playlists have been proven to brighten anyone’s day.

The second playlist hails from Yardbird. If you’ve come into the restaurant later in the evening, you might have caught the soundtrack transition into a collection of old school hip hop. The following mix is perfect for shooting sake, maxin’, and relaxin’.

  1. You Got Me – The Roots ft. Erykah Badu
  2. Liquid Swords – GZA ft. RZA
  3. Quiet Storm – Mobb Deep
  4. Hip Hop Is Dead – Nas
  5. Do For Love – Tupac
  6. Hip Hop – Dead Prez
  7. I Got 5 on It – Luniz
  8. It Was a Good Day – Ice Cube
  9. The Light – Common
  10. Crumblin’ Erb – Outkast

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