They work hard to provide you with the best dining experience, but what do chefs, servers, food runners, and dishwashers eat to fuel themselves before a long night of service? That sustenance often comes in the form of staff meal, also known as family meal, which is prepared by restaurant employees for restaurant employees.

Even at the most impressive restaurants, family meals usually aren’t fancy (nothing like what you’ll find on the menu). They’re meant to be simple and tasty – to make use of inexpensive starches and leftover bits of meat, fish, or vegetables. But regardless of what’s being served, the ritual of coming together for family meal is what’s important. As they say, the staff who eat together, stay together. It’s about bonding time and camaraderie.

In the #FAMILYSTYLE video series, we visit several Hong Kong-based restaurants during family meal to find out why this time-honored tradition is so special and universal amongst restaurants around the world. Check out the first episode where we head over to CHINO in Kennedy Town as Chef Erik Idos prepares a Thanksgiving inspired family meal for his staff.

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  1. […] mise en place tend to make them creatures of habit and it’s no different when it comes to staff meal. In most restaurants, staff meal happens during the day after prep is finished and before service […]

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