The Yardbird Whisky Lemonade is our twist on the Lynchburg Lemonade using a yuzu liqueur instead of Cointreau and more lemon to increase the flavor. The result? A cocktail that’s tart, refreshing, and very easy to drink.



50 ml Sunday’s NAS Malt & Grain Whisky

15 ml Fukuchu Yuzu Liqueur

2.5 tsp. Okinawa Black Sugar

1 Lemon (cut into pieces)

Soda Water



  1. Muddle lemon pieces and sugar in a shaker glass
  2.  Add whisky and yuzu liqueur
  3. Add ice and shake
  4. Add soda water and lift
  5. Strain over fresh ice into a Hario 420mL glass

2 thoughts on “Ain’t No Party Like a Whisky Lemonade Party

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