Cinco de Mayo, the day that the Mexicans were victorious over the French, has somehow turned into the holiday notoriously known for drinking too much alcohol. And this year, it dangerously falls on a Friday. To keep in the spirit of Mexico, we asked our Beverage Director, Elliot Faber, to recommend some of his favorite Mexican spirits to consume over the weekend. Check out his suggestions below.
Don Fulano Imperial
The ultimate 5-year barrel-aged Extra Añejo tequila. It’s smooth and silky like a cognac with fine caramelized sugars on the palate and a long finish.
Don Fulano Reposado
Reposado (meaning ‘rested’) is the perfect name for this type of tequila. It rests for 8-11 months in French Oak, giving this spirit plenty of time to pick up nuances of vanilla and roundness while maintaining a grassy character.
Don Fulano Fuerte
Coming in at 100 proof (or 50% alcohol), the high percentage brings rich texture and minerality to this powerful yet clean and pure tequila. Perfect for highballs with a lime peel.
Derrumbes San Luis Potosí
An unaged mezcal produced by a small distillery at very high altitude. It’s gentle fruit flavor and jalapeño smokiness are a testament to the traditional mezcal style of purity and elegance, instead of power.
La Venenosa Sur Raicilla
Raicilla is a hybrid spirit that’s lost somewhere between tequila and mezcal in terms of profile, but every bit as Mexican. Unaged, this spirit has savory and gamey flavors unique to the specific type of agave and stills that the distillery uses.
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