In the “Gail’s Guide to Cocktails” Series, RŌNIN bartender and certified sommelier, Gail Lanorias, drops some knowledge on your favorite mixed drinks and provides professional tips on how to make them at home. Check out the full series here.

This classic gin cocktail is very easy to make and is super refreshing. In the 19th Century, Tom Collins were made with Old Tom Gin, which was a gin recipe popular in 18th-century England. While London Dry is the preferred style of gin for this cocktail these days, Old Tom Gin has experienced a bit of a resurgence in today’s craft cocktail movement.


50 ml Gin
25 ml Lemon Juice
15 ml Simple Syrup
Soda Water


  1. Combine gin, lemon juice, and simple syrup into a highball glass and stir
  2. Fill the glass with ice
  3. Top up with soda water


  • It is ideal to use Old Tom Gin when making a Tom Collins, but using London Dry or any gin of your preference is fine

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