Sometimes, the only thing that will make a hangover go away is the hair of the dog. And when this is the case, instead of ordering a traditional Bloody Mary, we reach for Yardbird‘s Bloody Kim Jong Il – a spicy twist on the classic using the restaurant’s housemade kimchi purée.


50 ml Aylesbury Duck Vodka
2 Lemon Wedges
Bloody Kim Mix
Korean Chilli Salt (for rim)
Bloody Kim Mix

6 Cans (163 ml x 6) of Tomato Juice
30 ml Tabasco Sauce
50 ml Bulldog Sauce
1 Spoon Yuzu Salt
15 ml Simple Syrup


  1. Rim glass with Korean chili salt
  2. Squeeze lemon juice into glass
  3. Add vodka
  4. Add ice and top up with Bloody Kim mix

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