At RŌNIN, we pride ourselves on following the Japanese tradition of eating fresh and seasonally. Every morning our chefs go to the market to pick up ingredients for the daily menu and our seafood is either local or flown in from Japan. We’re meticulous with our fish preparation and passionate about understanding their flavor profiles and where they come from. Learn more about the fish that we serve in our series, Fish Files. baby-squid-hotaru-ika

Hotaru Ika (螢光魷魚) (ホタルイカ) Firefly Squid – In season from March to June, Hotaru Ika is found in the Western Pacific Ocean. It’s referred to as the firefly squid because it is bioluminescent – the photophore organ located in its tentacles illuminate to attract smaller fish for it to eat. These squid are very small, usually around six to eight centimeters long.
The Hotaru Ika is a popular appetizer and bar snack in Japan. Although it can be easily contaminated with parasites, it can be served raw as sushi or lightly boiled. Other common preparations include boiling with a sumiso dressing made of white miso and vinegar or simmering in soy sauce and sake.

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