Because the restaurant focuses on showcasing the freshness and seasonality of ingredients, RŌNIN‘s menu changes daily based on market availability. Now that summer is in full effect, check out the newest menu items below for a taste of the season.

Yokowa Baby Tuna Sashimi, Kizami Wasabi, Konbu Soy
The melt in your mouth Yokowa tuna is perfectly balanced by pickled wasabi stem, which has a unique pepperiness and texture that cuts through the fattiness of the young fish. This sashimi is paired with a konbu soy sauce that’s packed with umami.

Grilled Iwashi Sardine, Parsley, Negi, Mugi Miso, Lemon
The sardines are coming in really fatty at the moment as they’re making their way north in Japan. The sardine is grilled quickly over binchotan charcoal on the skin side only, then topped with a herbal blend of the parsley miso.

Udon, Chorizo, Wild Shrimp, Tomato Miso, Garlic Chives
Our fresh, hand-cut udon comes from Fukuoka, Japan. The noodles are combined with sweet wild shrimp. smoky Spanish chorizo, and a savory tomato miso.

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