Shochu is a part of Japanese culture that many people outside of Japan don’t know about. Shochu is typically combined with other ingredients during the distillation process and although the amounts can vary, shochu generally has more alcohol content per serving than sake. In the past, shochu was the drink of choice for oyaji (old men) in izakayas, but today, drinking shochu is becoming popular again, especially amongst women!

Not only does shochu taste good, but it’s even considered good for your health. Shochu has been shown to prevent blood clots due to a specialized enzyme called urokinase. It’s also said that shochu won’t give you a hangover! Apparently, due to the distillation process involved, shochu is actually better absorbed by the body than other types of alcohol. And for the weight-conscious, shochu is also a big draw. Without mixers, the drink has hardly any calories at all.

So while moderation is always key, why not go for shochu the next time you’re out for a drink? It might be your best bet!

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