The Sunday’s Single Cask is comprised of whisky from two famed distilleries: Hanyu, which closed in 2000, and Chichibu, which currently produces some of the best Japanese whisky today. Founded by Isouji Akuto in 1941, Hanyu Distillery is known for its ‘Card Series’ and the grandson of Isouji, Ichiro Akuto, founded Chichibu Distillery in 2008. Created in collaboration between Elliot Faber (Beverage Director for Yardbird, RŌNIN, and Sunday’s Grocery), Ichiro Akuto, and famed Scotch whisky bottler Duncan Taylor, this pure malt whisky is produced near the Arakawa River in Japan’s Saitama Prefecture. This river is the only water source for the Sunday’s Single Cask, which is blended by Ichiro Akuto himself.

The Sunday’s Single Cask is a marriage of two very special whiskies, one of which is at least 17 years old. In 2010, it was filled into an ex-bourbon cask in Scotland, where it was left to mature until 2017. This 7-year cask was carefully crafted with the goal of preserving the purity of its production process and has benefited from Japanese production techniques, soft natural water, as well as a unique Scottish climate. Only 312 bottles of the Sunday’s Single Cask were produced – available exclusively through Yardbird, RŌNIN, Sake Central, and while quantities last.

Tasting Notes:

Nose: Corn Pops, Kasha, Pungent
Palate: Hong Kong French Toast, Tofufa, Olive Oil
Finish: Apple Cider, Hot Tamale Candy, Extended

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