Awamori is a distilled, alcoholic beverage that comes from Okinawa, Japan. With characteristics similar to shochu, it is made from long grain rice, which alludes to its nickname of “island sake.” Currently, there are 48 distilleries in Okinawa that have been founded and developed by locals of each region.

While awamori is enjoyed throughout Japan, it is slowly catching on throughout the rest of the world. Its complex flavor profiles and subtle nuances make it the perfect alcohol to pair with different types of cuisines. The first Awamori Salon in Hong Kong, hosted by sakeand, showcased the versatility of awamori when paired with traditional Cantonese dishes from Kin’s Kitchen. Due to the heavier nature of certain dishes, the awamori paired well because of its clean finish and ability to cut through fat.

Baked fish intestine with egg.
Deep fried pork intestine.
Braised pork belly with sarcodon mushrooms.
Dry fried four season beans.

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