Size doesn’t always matter, but when it came to moving Yardbird into a new home, bigger was definitely better. Now located on 154-158 Wing Lok Street, Yardbird has upgraded to a much larger space, complete with three standing bars, a Sunday’s Grocery retail shop, and banquet seating. The new interiors are reminiscent of the old location – industrial, minimal, with furniture and design by Sean Dix. Designing Yardbird 2.0 was the fourth project that Chef Matt Abergel and Sean Dix have worked on together.

In addition to having more space and more seats, Yardbird’s food and beverage menus have also expanded. The classics are still available of course, but there many new dishes and drinks, including sake on tap! You will also find more vegetarian options, Chef Matt’s spin on Cantonese classics like XO fried rice, and ice cream sandwiches for dessert.

If you’re afraid of the change, don’t worry – bigger and better means the same great Yardbird experience with a shorter wait time. Check out Yardbird’s new home below and make sure to stop by and say hello to the team!

5 thoughts on “Yardbird 2.0: Bigger & Better on Wing Lok Street

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