The holidays are fast approaching, so it’s time to consider some gift ideas for your booze-loving friends and family. It’s a safe bet that an excess of alcohol will be consumed during any typical holiday season, so here are some ideas to treat your loved ones – and yourself (why not?) – to some boozy gifts! We ho-ho-hope you find something good!

Sunday’s 7 Year Single Cask
This bottle is ideal for the whisky aficionado in your life. Comprised of whisky from two famed distilleries: Hanyu, which closed in 2000, and Chichibu, which currently produces some of the best Japanese whisky today, this whisky was filled into an ex-bourbon cask in Scotland in 2010 where it was left to mature until 2017. The Sunday’s 7 Year Single Cask was carefully crafted with the goal of preserving the purity of its production process and has benefited from traditional Japanese production techniques, soft natural water, and a unique Scottish climate.

Fernet Hunter
Fernet Hunter is the perfect gift for anyone who appreciates handcrafted, artisanal products. A fresh take on a classic Italian bitter, Fernet Hunter can be enjoyed in many ways, but it’s best consumed chilled – with soda, tea, or in cocktails. This aromatic spirit is made from a select combination of botanicals, including Arnica, Orrisroot, and Lavender, which are handpicked and dried during the hunting season (hence the name). Utilizing a low-temperature infusion method, the true essence of each ingredient is extracted, giving Fernet Hunter its unique character and balance.


Sunday’s Whisky
This bottle is a high quality, yet approachable whisky that’s meant for the person in your life who’s just starting to explore the world of Japanese whisky. Inspired by ‘everyday’ malt and grain whiskies like Suntory Kakubin and Nikka Black Clear, Sunday’s Whisky was created in collaboration with Sasanokawa Shuzo – a family-owned distillery that’s been producing sake, shochu, and whisky in Fukushima, Japan since 1765. The distillery uses natural spring water from Koriyama to bring texture and balance to the whisky and the result is a light yet flavorful malty dram that has backbone and balance. Sunday’s Whisky is aged for a minimum of 3 years before collected and brought to Sasanokawa Shuzo for further maturation, blending, and bottling.

Elephant Gin
This is the gift that keeps on giving as Elephant Gin gives back to what initially inspired its creation. Ever since the first bottle was sold in 2013, 15% of all proceeds are given to two African elephant foundations that support the preservation of African wildlife. Elephant Gin is refined in small batches of 600-700 bottles and each batch is named after elephants of the past and present that their partner foundations work to protect. Besides that, Elephant Gin is an award-winning, handcrafted London Dry Gin. It’s made using 14 different botanicals, which are hand-selected to limit impurities and to ensure that only the best quality ingredients are used.This unique gin is produced using the traditional method of copper still distillation which gives Elephant Gin its pure, complex, yet smooth flavor.

Sunday’s Ochokos
An “ochoko” is a small cup that normally holds about 45ml of sake – the perfect size for slowly sipping your favorite sake. The word is believed to have derived from the word “choku,” which is a short form of the phrases “choku choku” or “chotto shita” which is the Japanese way of saying “just a little.” The Sunday’s Grocery team is so passionate about sake that they created their own ochokos, complete with the Sunday’s smile, to pair perfectly with Sunday’s Junmai and Sunday’s Junmai Nigori. Grab some today from our retail space located inside Yardbird 2.0 at 154 Wing Lok Street.
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