Yardbird is bigger and better than ever and we’re not just talking about square footage. Our food and beverage menus have also expanded with some delicious new dishes and drinks! And while we’ll always have love for the classics, check out our favorite new additions below.
Yaki Soba

Yardbird’s Yaki Soda is made with fresh noodles from Fukuoka that are stir-fried with pickled cabbage, monkey head mushrooms, carrots, and spring onions. Topped with a homemade mushroom tare sauce, Kewpie mayo, and nori.

Pea Leaves
This new seasonal special is made with fresh pea leaves that are stir-fried with Sakura shrimp and garlic. Seasoned with soy sauce and sesame oil and garnished with more Sakura shrimp and shaved soy-cured egg yolk.

Agedashi Lo Bak Go

Inspired by the classic Chinese dish, Yardbird’s Lo Bak Go is a lightly fried daikon radish cake served in a daikon dashi with soy sauce and mirin. Garnished with rehydrated sun-dried radish, myoga, and spring onion.

X.O. Fried Rice
Japanese rice is steamed with chopped yuzu skin and then stir-fried with more yuzu, pickled fennel, asparagus, egg white, and a homemade bacon X.O. sauce.

Draught Sake

Sake is finally on tap at Yardbird and it’s the freshest sake you’ll ever taste! It goes from the tank at the brewery into an impermeable, plastic 10L keg and because of the KeyKeg technology, its first contact with the outside world is when it’s tapped at the restaurant. Currently on draught is Tsubosaka Junmai Muroka Nama Genshu, which is undiluted, non-charcoal filtered, and unpasteurized. Its flavor is rich, fresh, and full of umami.

Yagi Hi
The Yagi Hi is our homage to Yagi Shuzo, an exclusive producer of ume related products, from shochu to umeshu, in Nara. This highball features Yagi San’s very own Japanese whisky umeshu which is brightened with Wilkinson soda water. The glass is rimmed with ume salt to add an extra element of salinity and acidity.

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