It’s no question that we’re into cocktails, cocktail culture, and most things alcohol related, so when we heard that the guys from Hope & Sesame were coming to Hong Kong for a cocktail pairing dinner at Beet, we wanted to learn about the process behind their creative cocktail recipes.

Hope & Sesame is the first speakeasy concept in Guangzhou as well as a touring event company aimed at sharing their unique take on craft cocktails, influenced by Cantonese food culture. The guys that run the bar, Andrew Ho and Bastien Ciocca, have extensive experience in the industry and also own a coffee shop, bistro, and wine bar. They’re known for using non-traditional ingredients and cooking techniques in their recipes, which allows for endlesspossibilities.

The menu created for their cocktail pairing dinner at Beet dinner is a perfect example of what Hope & Sesame wants to showcase and share with the public: a thoughtful cocktail list that’s carefully created to adapt to each course while providing a creative introduction to new ingredients and infusions. Gin, for example, is a Hope & Sesame favorite – because of its versatility, they have used gin in various recipes, including a tumeric gin infusion.

The cocktails featured during the dinner included an ikura gin and tonic with sage; a cocktail made with Elephant Gin, edamame, matcha, and osmanthus; a croissant bourbon old fashioned, a Fernet Hunter and Sunday’s Whisky cocktail with clarified butter; an FDC rum cocktail with Angostura bitters, balsamic vinegar, and pickled beet juice; and a rye whisky cocktail with Mancino Rosso, cassis, and lavender.

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