We are very excited to announce our latest project in partnership with MAEKAN: Grilling Me Softly, a podcast dedicated to exploring food and beverage culture with creatives, industry experts, and F&B innovators. Each episode features a different guest – each with a unique relationship to and perspective on the food world that transcends the confines of a singular restaurant or bar. Whether it’s a producer, writer, illustrator or designer, every guest on Grilling Me Softly brings something new to the table (pun intended).

In our first episode, we speak with Janice Leung Hayes, also known as e_ting – a social entrepreneur and a founder of Tong Chong Street Market, Hong Kong’s leading farmer’s market. She is also a food journalist for local and international publications such as the South China Morning PostFood and Wine Magazine, and Travel + Leisure.


Listen below to learn about Janice, her work as a food journalist, the trendiness of food, and the future of sustainability in Hong Kong!

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