At RŌNIN, seasonality is extremely important, which is why our menus change so frequently. So now that winter has officially arrived, it’s time for some new menu items that are perfect for this cooler time of year. Read below to check out the new dishes at RŌNIN!

Grilled Suzuki Seabass, Celtuce, Shoyu Koji, Sudachi
Suzuki Seabass is marinated with shoyu koji and grilled. Served with marinated celtuce (stem lettuce) and sudachi.

Ebi Pink Shrimp, Hotate Scallop, Wasabi Leaf Tempura, Tensu
Minced pink shrimp and scallops are wrapped inside a wasabi leaf and lightly fried, tempura style. Seasoned with pickled wasabi and fresh wasabi.

Clams, Kimchi, Kabu, Sake
Clams cooked in turnip kimchi with turnip greens and sake.

Grilled Hata Grouper, Pea Leaves, Negi, Fish Dashi
Hata Grouper is lightly grilled and served with poached pea leaves, Tokyo onions, and a thick fishhead dashi.

Shirako, Yuba, Roasted Garlic Miso Gratin
Shirako, a winter delicacy, is lightly smoked and served as a gratin, paired with yuba and roasted garlic.

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