The winter weather has come and gone and it’s finally starting to feel like spring! So if you’re looking for a unique and delicious cocktail to help you cool off in the warm weather, look no further than the El Chonie. The El Chonie has been on Yardbird’s cocktail menu since day one – it’s a refined beer margarita that’s not only refreshing, but also extremely easy drinking.



Suntory Draught

30 ml El Charro Tequila

½ Lemon

½ Lime

15 ml Simple Syrup

Yuzu Salt (for rim)


  1. Rim glass with yuzu salt
  2. Add lemon, lime, tequila, and simple syrup to a shaker glass
  3. Add ice and shake
  4. Top up with beer
  5. Strain into glass and top up with beer foam

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