Fernet Hunter, one of our favorite Italian bitters, has come a long way since its launch in Hong Kong two years ago. And after making its way around Asia, it finally returned to the town of Brunnwald, Austria for an epic hometown launch. For this special launch party, the Yardbird team made their way to Raphael Holzer’s hometown for an event in the forest, complete with highballs and Fritzi yakitori.

With six different stations at the event, each guest had the chance to experience Fernet Hunter while learning about its distillation process and brand philosophy. In addition to special cocktails such as Fernet Hunter with beer, honey, and lavender and a Honey Wax Aged Negroni, guests were given a special tasting of lake-chilled Fernet Hunter with Yardbird’s Beverage Director, Elliot Faber. At Station 4, guests enjoyed Deer Tsukune, made with Fernet Hunter, honey, and tare, and Deer Loin skewers by Matt Abergel and Kenneth Chan. Fernet Hunter is now available in Hong Kong, throughout Asia, and Austria!






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