Negroni – a cocktail made from gin, vermouth, and Campari.

The Django is RONIN‘s take on the classic negroni cocktail; the twist comes from using Aperol instead of Campari and the addition of 2 orange peels.


25 ml Ford’s Gin

2 Orange Peels

1 Ice Block


django-step-1-sundays-grocery  django-step-2-sundays-grocery


1. Combine Gin, Vermouth, and Aperol into a stirring glass

2. Twist one orange peel to release the citrus oil into the stirring glass

3. Fill the stirring glass with ice cubes

4. Stir for 30 seconds

5. Strain liquid into a tumbler with a small ice block (RONIN uses Toyo-Sasaki tumblers)

6. Garnish with the second orange peel


2 thoughts on “RONIN RECIPE: Django

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