One of my best friends (and current Yardbird employee) was adopted from Vietnam at birth. Blandine Peillon (Luc’s adoptive mother) actually adopted 2 children from Vietnam and although she wanted to help as many children as possible, she knew she couldn’t keep adopting year after year. Her experiences adopting Luc and his sister lead her to Maison 4 as part of Association Xuân. Maison 4 ensures that children in difficult circumstances grow up and thrive in a stable, secure, and loving environment. Maison 4 is a home for 30 children between the ages of 6 and 18 – these children are either orphans or come from extremely impoverished families whose parents can no longer provide for them. They are offered a home, a family, support, education and ongoing guidance.

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Mrs. Peillon is the president of Association Xuân and after meeting Luc and Mrs. Peillon she would always tell us about the amazing work they were doing in Vietnam. When I moved to Hong Kong, it was my mission to visit the children of Maison 4 that I had already heard so much about. So far, I’ve been able to take 2 separate trips to visit Maison 4. During each trip, I was only able to spend a couple of hours with the kids, but I did get to play games with them, cook with them (they taught me how to make spring rolls), and eat with them (they all served me first and as soon as my plate was empty they would just refill it). With the younger kids, I got to participate in their nap time by reading them some stories and showing them pictures in a book.

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