The Yardbird Team recently took a trip to Okinawa to discover the sights, sounds, and tastes of this tropical prefecture. Okinawa occupies the southern half of the Ryukyu archipelago, which stretches between Kyushu and Taiwan. It consists of 160 large and small islands, but only 48 are inhabited. Okinawa is the only prefecture in Japan where the entire area maintains a subtropical oceanic climate and many people refer to it as the Hawaii of Asia.

Okinawa is known for its unique food and beverage culture and everything from Awamori to Orion Beer, Agu Pork to Goya (bitter melon), black sugar to purple sweet potato, was tried and tested by the team. They visited Okinawa’s first Awamori distillery, its only sake brewery, a vegetable farm, tofu factory, and more. They were able to experience the true culture of Okinawa and (needless to say) were not disappointed. Check out some photos from the trip below and stay tuned for more about their Okinawan adventure!

Photos shot on 120mm film by Fung

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  1. I could not refrain from commenting. Well written!

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