As we made our way through Okinawa, we were given the opportunity to learn about the local food and beverage culture – not only by drinking and eating, but by visiting factories, awamori distilleries, sake and beer breweries, and local farms and markets throughout the prefecture. Our experiences visiting the food and beverage producers – the people who are directly connected to their product and passionate about what the are creating –  was most inspiring to us.

Everyone from the co-owner of the Hiroshiya tofu factory to the 2nd generation owner of Taikoku Shuzo (the only Sake brewery in Okinawa) to the Chefs who prepared our meals each day – it was meeting these people and speaking to them about their craft that taught us the most about Okinawan culture and why it’s so special and unique. And on the last day, we were able to fully understand why Okinawa is referred to as the ‘Hawaii of Asia’ with a quick trip to the beach before heading to the airport.

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Photos shot on 120mm film by Fung


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  1. jackie carvey

    i am interested in catering for saturday on June 11th? for junk boat ( i will need to pick up the food 9AM ??)
    are you able to send menu fo rme to make selection? and quote?

    thank you


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