To say that we’re fans of sake is an understatement – we love it so much that we made our own Junami and Junmai Nigori with Rairaku Brewery. And in an effort to share our passion for this beverage with all of you, we created a special video series with our Beverage Director, Elliot Faber. In ‘Faber Good Times – Meet the Sake Masters part II’, Elliot talks to Mikihito Ibaraki (from Rairaku Brewery) and Hirotaka Tajime (from Chikusen Brewery) about the different factors that make good sake. In addition to the importance of a high quality and accessible water source, sake making requires patience and technique. Learn more from Elliot and the brewmasters in the video above and tell us about your favorite sake in the comment section below!

Watch part I of Faber Good Times – Meet the Sake Masters here.

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