In a world teeming with lifestyle brands, it’s safe to say that Supreme will always reign, well… supreme. And although the skatewear brand has the hype machine on its side, it also has longevity, influence, and an unspoken power that has its customers waiting in line for days before their products drop.


Supreme is known for its collections of t-shirts, jackets, beanies, and skate decks, but their infamous lifestyle accessories have become conversation topics for the young and old alike. Items like ashtrays, fire extinguishers, and crowbars have all been emblazoned with the box logo and this season is no different.


Fall/Winter 2016 is a new collection of solid bomber jackets, shirts, and tees, but the accessories are key. Does anyone need to eat out of a Supreme noodle bowl? Is a red hot water bottle essential? We’ll let you decide. But if you’re wondering why the brand chooses to put out these lifestyle products every season, James Jebbia himself answers in an interview with the New York Times.


“I’m influenced a lot by Chanel and by what Karl Lagerfeld has done,” Mr. Jebbia said. “Oftentimes we get asked, ‘Why are you doing a fire extinguisher?’ I’m like, ‘Well, Chanel can.’”


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