Sunday’s Malt and Grain – Sunday’s Whisky is inspired by ‘everyday’ malt and grain whiskies like Suntory Kakubin and Nikka Black Clear.
The Sunday’s Rockfish Highball is our twist on the original Rockfish Highball; an extra long lemon peel is added to create a subtle citrus character.


60 ml frozen Sunday’s Malt and Grain
190 ml bottle Wilkinson Soda Water
1 extra long lemon peel
rockfish-sg-copy ronin_cocktail_sundays_highball-4-copy
1. Pour 60 ml frozen Sunday’s Whisky into a collins glass (RONIN uses Ishizuka tumblers)
2. Top up with soda water
3. Garnish with an extra long lemon peel
Want to know more about Sunday’s Whisky? Read more about it here.

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