There’s nothing more nostalgic than going into an ice cream parlor and being reminded of childhood through vanilla, strawberry, and chocolate and the smell of sugar waffle cones. For residents of Okinawa, going into their local Blue Seal Ice Cream shop is more than just a reminder of youth; it’s also a relic that reflects on the impact of American culture on Okinawa.

From the color scheme to the booths and kitschy decor, details found in the ice cream shops are purely American. The U.S. occupied Okinawa until the 1970s, and the Yankee ways permeated much of Okinawa’s culture. While the ice cream shop serves traditional flavors such as Beni-imo (an Okinawa sweet potato), Shiiquasa (an Okinawa citrus), and Ryukyu Royal Milk Tea, American flavors such as mint chocolate chip, strawberry cheesecake, and vanilla and cookies are the most popular.


Source: NPR

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