Whether or not you’re an avid wine drinker, chances are you’ve had to open a bottle of wine or two in your life. You may have fumbled around with a winged corkscrew or regretted buying an overpriced bottle-opening gadget, but the truth is that opening a bottle of wine only requires one thing: a wine key, the preferred tool in the industry. Learn how to elegantly open a bottle of wine to impress friends and family or score cool points on a date by following our step-by-step guide. All you need is a wine key, also known as a sommelier knife or waiter’s friend, to get started.

1. Take the knife out of the wine key. Holding it against the index finger and pointing inward, cut the foil around the top of the bottle right below the lip. Cut along the whole lip in two motions: once along the front half, and a second cut along the backside.


2. Make a third cut between the two to give a flap that can pull off the entire foil. Using the knife, gently peel off the foil. If steps 1 and 2 were done correctly, the foil should slide off easily.


3. Make sure to put the foil into your pocket.


4. Put the knife away and take out the worm (the corkscrew). Insert the point of the worm in the cork. Make sure that it goes into the middle of the cork as you risk breaking the cork if it goes down at an angle.


5. Twist until there is only one turn left. This is important because if you go too far in or not far enough, the cork could break.


6. Place the first notched fulcrum against the lip of the bottle. Use the other hand to pull the lever up. The second notched fulcrum should now fall on the lip. Pull once more until the cork is almost out.


7. Using your hand, gently wiggle the cork out so that it doesn’t make  a popping sound. Remove the cork from wine key.


8. If your guest wants to see the cork, present it. If not, put the cork in your pocket.


9. Serve the wine.


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