A white negroni is different from its darker counterpart in that it uses a gentian aperitif liqueur such as Suze, Aveze, or Salers. The white negroni is also made up of gin and bianco vermouth, or Lillet Blanc depending on the adaptation of the recipe.

The Fernet Hunter White Negroni is made with gin, Fernet Hunter, and Mancino Vermouth Bianco Ambrato. The cocktail is soft and smooth with hints of lavender from the Fernet.

white-negroni---1  white-negroni---2


30 ml Elephant Gin

40 ml Fernet Hunter

20 ml Mancino Vermouth Bianco Ambrato

1 Ice Rock

1 Grapefruit Peel


1. Combine Gin, Vermouth, and Fernet Hunter into a stirring glass

2. Fill the stirring glass with ice cubes

4. Stir for 30 seconds

5. Strain liquid into a tumbler over a small ice block

6. Garnish with grapefruit peel


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