Dessert is the best part of any meal, and for good reason. It’s sweet, satisfying, and symbolizes the culmination of a great dining experience. Pastry Chef Tracy Wei has worked in the dessert world for many years and with over 15 years of experience in the industry, her creations are damn good! If you were at CHINO‘s second-anniversary party last weekend, you were lucky enough to witness and taste Tracy’s pastry skills. But besides holding down the fort at CHINO, Tracy is also working on her own project, Peace of Cake.
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Hailing from San Diego, Tracy decided to go to pastry school instead of the usual route of university. After graduating, she worked at Nobu San Diego, where she mastered many desserts, including banana dulce de leche spring rolls (served at CHINO’s party). This recipe was originally created by Pastry Chef and author of Lickerland, Jason Licker. It’s similar to the Filipino dessert, turon, which is a spring roll with banana and jack fruit. Read below to learn how to make Tracy’s favorite version – filled with dulce de leche.
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1 Pack of Spring Roll Wrappers
3 Bananas
1 Can of Dulce De Leche
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1. Cut the spring roll wrappers in half diagonally
2. Peel and use, make sure the wrappers are covered with a wet towel to keep them from drying
3. Cut the bananas in quarters and in half again
4. Place the bananas in the middle of the spring roll wrapper and pipe dulce de leche
5. Use an egg wash to seal the edges
6. Roll and fry at 185C until golden brown
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