Most restaurants have a signature dish, but what about signature furniture? Before Yardbird opened in 2011, the team worked with designer Sean Dix on the interiors and custom furniture. This collaboration led to the creation of the Yardbird Chair and the Yardbird Table, both of which pay homage to vintage factory seats and tables but with a twist in the design approach that makes them elegant and harmonious. Yardbird is inspired by Japanese izakayas and to stay true to that idea, Sean’s designs focused on keeping things that were absolutely necessary and eliminating the excess.

sean-dix-yardbird sean-dix-yardbird-2

Sean Dix was born in Kansas City and moved to Hong Kong in 2008, where he now lives and works. His furniture designs are honest and straightforward, which is one of the reasons why Chef Matt Abergel wanted to work with him when building Yardbird. Besides designing furniture, Sean also creates retail concepts and works on the interiors of bars, restaurants, and residences around the world. For more information about Sean’s work, make sure to check out his website; if you love sitting down for a meal at Yardbird, you may want a Yardbird Chair for your own home!




Interior Images Courtesy Carmen Chan

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  1. […] that encourages guests to drink and eat while they wait and a stainless steel L-shaped bar, with custom furniture by Dix throughout the entire restaurant. In the basement where the kitchen is located, a custom Kama Asa […]

  2. […] are reminiscent of the old location – industrial, minimal, with furniture and design by Sean Dix. Designing Yardbird 2.0 was the fourth project that Chef Matt Abergel and Sean Dix have worked on […]

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