Osaka is located in the Kansai region of Japan. It’s a large port city and commercial center that’s renowned for its bustling street culture, modern architecture, and food. The Yardbird team visited Osaka a few months ago during their trip to Hyogo. In addition to enjoying some takoyaki, they also visited a knife maker and calligraphy stall to witness some of the craftsmanship that this region of Japan is known for. Check out the photos below, shot by Fung, for a closer look at the sights and tastes of Osaka.

A knife being made.
Blacksmith at work.
The crew grabs takoyaki.
Shoku Mashika: a grandma-run tobacconist by day and grandson-run Italian izakaya by night.
The calligrapher.
A closer look at the calligraphy.
Calligraphy stall.
Japanese chef’s knives.
Sennichimae Doguyasuji Shopping Street.
Binchotan charcoal.
Portable grills.
More charcoal.

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