5 thoughts on “Fish Files: Anago Conger Eel

  1. […] deboning, butterflying, skewering, and marinated the eel and then grilling. Grilled unagi and anago has been a common meal since the Edo period and is usually served with rice. Depending on the […]

  2. This blog is the fascinating one and it induces me to know more about it. Thanks for the sharing this blog and keep on sharing these kinds of useful blog.

  3. loved this article. It was interesting in its geographical information and its human interest. 💦
    I’ve watched eels jump up the water fall where we like to go swimming in the summer. The are cool looking but still creep me out a bit.😬
    wonderful to see these amazing creatures. strange to think that we probably know more about dinosaurs than eels! 🐍 i went to a great talk about them earlier in the year and discovered that they can travel across (wet) land to reach rivers when on migration. 🐍

  4. what happen to the male eel when they reached their adult stage

  5. Thank you very much for the information, as a researcher for 3 years, I am still gathering information about eels because I am in a conservation project for eels

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