Our staff is as diverse and unique as they come, and their music preferences are no different. In A Drink and a Playlist, we explore a more intimate side of our team – what they’re currently listening to and their drink of choice when unwinding after service.

A bartender at RŌNIN, Harley Ling is the unassuming and friendly face introducing you to the cocktail menu. While his passion for the F&B industry is prominently tattooed on his arm, his drink of choice (much like his personality) is a little more laid back. The Americano is easy drinking, and because of its low alcohol content, it’s even easier to have more than just one. Pair it with a playlist of jazz and electronic music and you’ll experience Harley’s ideal chill day.


30 ml Mancino Rosso Vermouth
30 ml Campari
3 Dashes Orange Bitters
Splash of Soda Water

1. Build ingredients in a 3-piece shaker

2. Shake with ice
3. Double strain into a glass with ice
4. Top up with soda water
5. Lift with bar spoon
6. Garnish with an orange peel



“If you don’t have orange bitters, you can use an orange peel – this is just my own take on the recipe. When I go out, this is my go-to cocktail.”

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