While there’s nothing like cracking open a beer on a hot summer afternoon, one must never forget about the other beverages that are just as refreshing when it’s sunny and sweaty out. After all, a change of seasons is always an excellent excuse to try something new.

So, in the interest of warm-weather boozing that’s a little more novel than an ice cold beer, here are our recommendations for 5 bottles to add to your bar cart, stat!

2016 Vinteloper Riesling
A thirst quenching Riesling with notes of lime, jasmine, and green apple. This wine is very dry with strong minerality and bright acidity.

Hakushu 12 Yr Single Malt
Green and lightly peated, this lean single malt emphasizes freshness. Served as a highball with a mint leaf is hands down the best summer drink.

Tantakatan Shiso Infused Rice Shochu
This rice shochu is refreshingly herbaceous and super clean with notes of chamomile tea. It’s best enjoyed as Mizuwari, softened with a little water and ice.

2016 Jauma Shiraz/Grenache 
A carbonic style wine, which means that the tannins are super soft. With notes of crunchy raspberries and bright plums, it’s the most crushable summer red.

Daishinshu ‘Inabikari’ Junmai Daiginjo 
This sake is produced in Nagano using local rice from a single grower. It’s a subtle aromatic Junmai Daiginjo which has an awesome chalky, mineral, dry finish.

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