Colorado-based Evan Hecox is an artist, designer, and photographer whose work over the past two decades has made waves both in and outside the skateboard world. Lending his art direction and graphic ability to Chocolate Skateboards since 1997, Hecox’s vibrant and bold works have resonated well with the skateboarding community. His art pieces, derived from photographs, are focused on urban landscapes from places like taco stands in Mexico to the markets of Japan.

In collaboration with Hecox, the Yardbird chicken logo and wordmark were created. The wordmark uses the unmistakable Evan Hecox handwriting font, also found in his Chocolate skate deck series and Monster Children magazine. His chicken is arguably Yardbird’s most recognizable paraphernalia and adorns all of the staff uniforms.

Inside of Yardbird restaurant, the walls are mostly bare except for a few of Hecox’s works of art. His orange pieces depict Tokyo’s fish markets while his other piece is mixed media from his The Dark Island series.

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