As Japanese whisky and shochu enthusiasts, we are no strangers to mizuwari-style drinks – a bit of cold water can be a pleasant addition to a specific dram or certain style of shochu. But now that the weather is cooling down, it’s the perfect time to switch things up and start thinking oyuwari.

Oyuwari (お湯割) means “with hot water,” which is the perfect way to enjoy shochu and whisky during the winter months. When serving a drink oyuwari, hot water is usually prepared in a traditional Japanese teapot. It is then poured into a glass and the spirit is added afterward. The hot water helps to release the flavors in the spirit, adding intensity to the drink, and the result is a deliciously warm libation.

The ratio of alcohol to water depends on whether you’re drinking whisky or shochu, but 3 parts alcohol to 2 parts water is most common. Stronger spirits are ideal for oyuwari-style since the hot water brings out a lot of flavor, but it’s never a bad idea to test out different combinations to find out what you like best! Let us know your favorite shochu and whisky to enjoy oyuwari in the comment section below.

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