The Yagi Hi is the latest addition to Yardbird’s highball menu. It was created to showcase Yagi’s unique whisky umeshu that’s made from Yagi’s own cultivated ume fruit and blended with Japanese whisky. This highball is the perfect combination of salinity (from the ume salt rim), robustness (from the whisky), and sweet acidity (from the umeshu).  Try it at Yardbird while it’s still on the menu!


50 ml Yagi Whisky Umeshu

190 ml bottle of Wilkinson Soda Water

Ume Salt (for rim)



  1. Rim highball glass with ume salt
  2. Add Yagi Whisky Umeshu into glass
  3. Fill glass with ice
  4. Top up with soda water
  5. Lift with bar spoon

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