You may think that New Year’s Eve is overrated, but you can’t deny that it’s a great excuse to party with your friends and family. Whether you’ll be celebrating with us at the restaurants or in the comfort of your own home, the fact is you can’t countdown to 2019 without a drink in your hand! And no matter if you’re a champagne, sake, whisky, or wine fan, we’ve got the beverage inspiration you’re looking for. Read below to see what we’re drinking on New Year’s Eve!



Peat & Pineapple (AKA the P&P)

  • Made with: Hakushu NAS Whisky, Drambuie, Pineapple
  • Available at RŌNIN
  • This cocktail provides the perfect balance of smokiness and sweetness; plus it contains fresh pineapple juice so it’s the perfect way to start your “healthy” new year’s resolutions!
Wakayama Margarita
  • Made with: Codigo Tequila, Jabarashu, Lemon, Lime
  • Available at Yardbird
  • You really can’t go wrong with a margarita for any celebration, and Yardbird’s version has an extra kick from the Jabarashu (a Japanese citrus-based liqueur).
Rairaku ‘58’ Junmai Ginjo
  • Available at RŌNIN
  • This sake is produced by Rairaku Brewery in Hyogo, Japan and uses locally sourced Yamadanishiki rice that’s polished to 58%. Well balanced and approachable, the Rairaku ‘58‘ Junmai Ginjo is dry and clean with notes of steamed rice, Milo, and nashi pears.
Sunday’s Junmai Nigori
  • Available at Yardbird & RŌNIN
  • Sunday’s Nigori is produced by Rairaku Brewery in Hyogo, Japan and is made using local Gohyakumangoku rice and is bottled on its lees to bring texture. This sake is rich yet well-balanced and features light chamomile and coconut notes.
Nikka ‘Coffey Grain’ NAS Single Grain
  • Available at Yardbird and RŌNIN
  • This whisky is made in Nikka Miyagikyo Distillery in Miyagi, Japan. Comprised of 99% corn, the profile is sweet, smooth and easy drinking.
  • Tasting Notes:
    • Nose: Nutmeg, Eggnog, Butterscotch
    • Palate: Spiced Rum, Chamomile, Intricate
    • Finish: Mizuna, Boston Cream Doughnut
Sunday’s  7-Year Single Cask
  • Available at Yardbird and RŌNIN
  • The Sunday’s Single Cask is a marriage of two very special whiskies. In 2010, it was filled into an ex-bourbon cask in Scotland, where it was left to mature until 2017. This whisky was carefully crafted with the goal of preserving the purity of its production process and has benefited from Japanese production techniques, soft natural water, and a unique Scottish climate.
  • Tasting Notes:
    • Nose: Corn Pops, Kasha, Pungent
    • Palate: Hong Kong French Toast, Tofufa, Olive Oil
    • Finish: Apple Cider, Hot Tamale Candy, Extended



Sunday’s x Jean Diot x Artéis x Elliot Faber Blue Label NV Blanc de Noirs

  • Available at Yardbird and RŌNIN
  • This bottle is a special collaboration that’s produced at Jean Diot in Moussy, not far from Epernay in Champagne. A sparkling white wine made exclusively from black grapes, this Blanc de Noirs has bright red raspberry and cherry notes. It has a precision on the palate that’s evocative of the Jean Diot style and the unique complexity that Artéis is known for. Although this Champagne is technically Non Vintage, every year the color of the label changes to indicate the year of production. The blue label marks the 2017 bottling.
Artéis & Co. Brut 2004
  • Available at Yardbird and RŌNIN
  • Artéis & Co. only releases vintage Champagne at boutique, non-vintage prices. This Brut 2004, has been aging on its lees for 11 years before finally being disgorged in 2015. It’s aged for an extra 2 years in the Artéis cellars and the result is the perfect food pairing Champagne that is rich in umami but balanced in acidity.

2014 Yves Cuilleron ‘Les Vignes D’à Côté Viognier Magnum

  • Available at Yardbird
  • Yves Cuillerons is a winemaker whose name is synonymous with amazing quality in Northern Rhone. His ‘Les Vignes D’à Coté’ (The Vines Next Door) Viognier is a wine where the grapes were picked in vineyards just next to Condrieu – the world’s most celebrated region for the varietal. This wine is aged on its lees before spending time in neutral oak barrels and exhibits notes of apricot, white flowers, and honeycomb.
2016 Brash Higgins ‘Mato’ Mataro
  • Available at Yardbird
  • This wine is made from the Mataro grape which is synonymous with the Mouvédre grape more commonly seen in France’s Rhône Valley. Produced in Mclaren Vale, Australia, this wine has complex notes of tar, blackberry, and even some tobacco but manages to stay refreshing and not overly concentrated.

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